Saturday, April 19, 2008

PRGE - Back at You!

OK, Round 2 of the PRGE Contest.

First, for Tianne. She countered my "Swept Away" with "You're All I Need". I had a bit of trouble with the "D", but I came up with Social Distortion "Down Here With the Rest of Us".

Second, for Kat, she started me off with "Living Room" by Tegan & Sara. I'd never heard of them before, but now at least one of their CDs is on my Amazon wishlist! They are really awesome. Anyhow, in keeping with the Social D theme (blame Jake for my mini-obsession), I'm coming back with "Mommy's Little Monster".

Knitting wise, I'm totally not enamored with Picovoli. I mean, I knew it was just a plain stockinette top, and it looks cute in the pics with the pattern, but it just looks kinda boring. I'm going to keep going to at least cover my boobs before I decide if I'm going to frog. That's really all I've made progress on, as I've really tried to work on my final project for class. I have a good chunk of my renderings done, and I'm kinda impressed with myself :) I know they won't really compare to some of the super artistic people in the class, but for non-artistically inclined me, they're pretty good, if I do say so myself :) Jen is being a good friend and stoking my ego asking about my drawings, so when they're done I'll post pics!

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