Thursday, June 12, 2008

K is for Kaleidoscope (and a visit to Vermont)

For the ABC along, I knew what I would use, as I had plans to stop at Kaleidoscope after work one day. Since they closed at 5, though, ended up that Friday was the only day I could go, and I forgot my camera :( Not a huge deal, as my idea for me with the sign would have been a no-go anyway because the the excessive RAIN! So, you will have to settle for a photo of my (very restrained) purchase.
6 buttons. . . that's it! I actually didn't even look at yarn (except a brief distraction by the sock yarn next to the cash register!) because I'm trying to stick to my not buying yarn until our renovation is done. I wanted to buy a new set of Sz 1 DPNs, but they only carry Brittany and I prefer Clover Bamboo needles. Anyhow, the buttons are for Maude, which I've made precious little progress on. Truth be told, I'm just not been in the mood for knitting. I've not really been in the mood for much aside from being lazy on the couch! I blame the heat :) As such, I drug the yarn to restart Lelah with me to Vermont on the deluded idea I'd finish the ribbing on Maude. Of course, I didn't touch Lelah and made only an inch or so of progress on Maude.

Aside from the horrible weather (it rained Tuesday-Friday, then turned to 95+ degrees on Saturday and Sunday!) the trip to Vermont was awesome. The work portion went well (I had a client visit which was the reason for the trip) and I was able to spend lots of time with my friends up there AND eat at all my favorite restaurants (except American Flatbread - but I lucked out and got a few flatbreads in my order from Organic Food Depot this week so that should satisfy the craving!). This meant I wasn't back to the hotel room until 11ish each night, so by Friday morning I had bags that could take me on a trip to China under my eyes! It didn't help that Jake's plane sat on the tarmac in Newark for 2 hours so his already late flight (originally slated to arrive at 10:45pm) didn't land until midnight. And he hadn't eaten, so we had to stop on the way back to the hotel to get him dinner. UGH!

Of course, the most exciting part of the trip is that I got my ring! Forgive the crappy photo :) I LOVE IT! It's so simple but not plain. I actually like the profile best, even though people really only see it from the top. I've gotten lots of compliments on it :)

Wedding dress shopping wasn't as good as I'd hoped. The shop that 'specializes' in Vintage gowns had like 20 vintage gowns, the rest were insanely priced designer gowns. I did find one dress that was reasonable that I liked, but it wasn't what I'm necessarily looking for (very 1930's Hollywood glamor!). They don't let you take photos at the shop while trying on to 'protect the designers' so I can't share. At one of the other shops I did find this dress. I love the bodice, it's very Art Deco looking to me. I didn't care for the enormous slit up the leg, though, (which is cleverly hidden in this photo because I have huge thighs which is why I don't like the slit!), and the right side seam was kind of poorly sewn so it didn't lie flat, so I passed.

Now that I'm back, and I have a ring, I really need to get a move on with actually planning the wedding. Through the power that is Ravelry, I got hooked up with a wedding planner out in Sonoma. She sent me a proposal and I have to check it out and get back to her. I kind of feel like once I hire her (if I hire her, I guess) then everything is just POOF, over! So I've been avoiding it. Realistically, I don't have all that much to do anyway . . . just choosing the vineyards for tasting and a restaurant and picking a photographer. I'm not worried about flowers, as they'll be pretty minimal, and we don't need a caterer, aren't doing a cake or a DJ. . . .so I have to just suck it up and get on with it :) I'm trying to think of something crafty/DIY for unique invitations. Since there are so few invites, I kind of want them to be more fun than the normal. Any ideas?


Jenni said...

Oooh I love the ring! Definitely like the profile view, its very pretty!

Hope said...

Oh that ring is beautiful!

And for invites you could send a bottle of an inexpensive (but still good) wine, with a custom printed label/invitation. So the bottle would become your invite?

DeuceMom said...

I love your ring! Can't wait to see it in person.

It does go by fast, but enjoy it...

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Carly that ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! And even though that's not the are going to make such a pretty bride!!

km said...

What a gorgeous ring. I'm totally for the half-bezel.

The perfect dress will just hit you...and you'll know. Wait for it.

kemtee said...

woo HOOO!

You totally rock that dress, too. A shame it wasn't working for you. You'll find the right one.

KnitKat said...

I love your ring!! Mine is similar, with the bezel-setting, and an awesome profile image.

You're going to be such a lovely bride.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

The ring is just beautiful! Have fun planning the wedding and thanks for sharing the dress shopping excursion - I personally thought that dress was gorgeous on you!