Monday, March 17, 2008

F is for Feet!

Actually, Freakish Feet in Flip Flops! There! Say that Five times Fast! :) OK, OK, a little carried away with F's. Since I was late with my E, I figured I'd be early with my F!

First, the freakish part. I spent 27 years on Earth thinking that my feet were terribly normal. I just assumed everyone's pinky toe moved independently of the other digits!
Jake always teased me about it, but I thought nothing of it. He likes to refer to it as my 'kickstand' as apparently sometimes when I stand barefoot he notices it out to the side for no apparent reason. Finally, I went to the podiatrist for something else and said 'So is it normal for my toes to do this?' Let me tell you, it is not good for your ego when the doctor laughs! So now I know, 'No' my pinky toes' ability to move on their own is the result of an extra tendon in my foot that happens in ~10% of the population. She said it is hereditary, so now I have to figure out which side of the family I got it from :) I contend it is a reason I was (am?) such a good dancer. . . helps with the balance:) I know other girls I danced with had toes like mine. . . I wonder if you sampled the dancing population if you'd find a higher incidence than in the general population?

Moving on to less self deprecating topics. . . the Flip Flops! These are my fun new Reef sandals, purchased with a 'sucker you in to spend more at Macy's' free $10 gift card that came in last weeks sale circular. I ♥ Flip Flops!!
The best thing about having moved to a warmer climate is the fact that I can get away with wearing sandals WITHOUT my feet being cold (I'm just not one of those 'wear your Birkenstocks even in 2 feet of snow' types that are so prevalant in Vermont!). I have nearly as many pair of flip flops as I do high heels, though I am most often found in my Reefs or my Havaianas! Stacey and Clinton would have my head for it (and so would my Chiropractor!), but they are soooooooo comfortable! If I never had to wear socks again, I'd be happy. Wait! Don't throw rotten fruit! I love me some hand knit socks, still, I just prefer bare feet to socks and shoes!

Finally, for some knitting content, I am B-O-R-E-D with Jake's socks. Not really the socks themselves, just the fact that that is all. I'm. knitting.! I'm waiting for my new Options to arrive before starting my other projects, and I am so NOT a single project kind of girl! This poor sock is suffering the fate of every other pair I've knit that the 2nd sock is knitting up with a smaller row gauge than the first. Sock #2 has 2 extra pattern repeats (10 rows) to make the same leg length. And trust me, if Jake took the time to count them, he'd never let me forget the socks are not exactly the same! This continued phenomenon is making me seriously consider switching to socks 2 at a time. . . but I really don't like socks on 2 circs! What's a girl to do?!?! I'm just finished turning, the heel now, so I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the never ending socks. Unfortunately, as I've tried on these socks, I have an overwhelming urge to turn my most recent Fearless Fibers purchase into knee socks for me!

For fun, anyone want to guess what sort of creepy google hits this title might bring?


Anonymous said...

I, too, can move my pinky toes independently of my other toes. I would also prefer to wear flip-flops all year.

- Secret Pal

Miss Me said...

i can't move my pinky toes independently, but that would be cool! my sisters and i all have toes long enough for semi monkey like grasping of items... all our husbands find it freakish.

Knitted Gems said...

Your flipflops are very cute! And they make me crave for spring more ... as if I wasn't already chomping at the bit. =)

I hope you get your new needles soon. I hate waiting for stuff to come in the mail. It's never fast enough for me.

insanknitty said...

OMG... go see my blog... ;-)
I thought I was the only one!