Monday, March 24, 2008

They're done!!

The never ending socks are done (hopefully!) I just need Jake to try on sock #2 to ensure it fits before I close the toe. I seriously thought they'd never get done, but since I ignored my homework this weekend and I knit while watching a few movies after dinner yesterday, all of a sudden they were done!

I'll post pictures assuming they fit and I finish them up tomorrow.

Things calmed down here Saturday morning and it ended up being a nice, relaxing weekend (perhaps avoiding homework added to the relaxation!) My plan is to go to school early to work on some homework before class starts. I usually knit until class begins, but since the sock is done and my only other WIP is Maude, which isn't so travel friendly, I have no excuse. Of course, I could cast on for another sock. . .. he he!

Also, I had some plans to go to MS&W with Jake to visit some friends up in Baltimore. Given his still-in-flux work crap, he doesn't have the vacation to do that. As consolation, we planned last night to head to the mountains in May to go to the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival. Well, OK, I will be going to the festival, Jake & David will be nearby fly fishing for the day! But it will be a fun little get away. Hopefully on Sunday before we head home we can visit some other mountain towns. We're considering buying a cottage next year to have a little get away!

Happy Monday!


TopHat said...

Hooray for finishing! That's so exciting!

JessicaRose said...

congrats on the finish. and i'm sure it wont be long before you get something else otn's.