Thursday, March 6, 2008

You are all enablers!

Didn't my last post tell you talk me OUT of buying the options? Instead, I get all comments telling me to do it! I am going to try out Hope's at YfB on Saturday, but I know I'll be buying them. The only thing stopping me from having bought it already is that I need a 16" for Picovoli and I only have Sz3 & 10 16". So, I will swatch tonite and then order the options and the 16" I need (probably Sz 5 or 6). I know, what's up with all the swatching?! I guess I've turned a corner (that, and Picovoli says 'remember, cotton blooms so be sure to wash your swatch'). I'm using Silky Tweed, not sure if that will temper the blooming, but I'm not taking a chance on a too big top!

In more exciting news, I got my Scavenger Hunt package today! My spoiler was Katie in New Brunswick. I love getting packages, getting packages from another country is even more awesome!

This is everything, if you want all the category details, you can check it out on the group blog here.
My favorite item: HENRY ROLLINS! Awesome, right?!?! Katie really spoiled me rotten, and I had so much fun hostessing! I'll be hosting again with signups in late April, so keep your eyes on the blog :)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

How awesome is that swap package!! Love the little guy too!!

Anonymous said...

Your PRGE stalker has arrived...

I, too, prefer brownies made from chocolate, and not powder.