Friday, January 18, 2008

'A' is for Apple

Well, Apple-picking, really, except it is January and not really feasible to capture a current photo of that. Instead, I got odd looks at Kroger to take this photo :)

Apple picking is my favorite autumnal activity. Nothing is better than fresh cider and cider donuts!! Every year I look forward to going to an Orchard, buying way too many apples with grandiose plans to make pie, taking a hayride and petting farm animals. I suppose it just stuck with me after always taking Field Trips to Domino Farms in grade school. Moving down south has challenged this, though. We did visit an Orchard in Charlottesville this past September, but it was nearly 80 degrees, and so totally not the same!

It's also week 3 of Project 365. I'm working on getting Zosia to do something more interesting for these photos. . .maybe by week 52 we'll have something exciting. Meanwhile, "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?" This is Zosia's favorite spot when someone is coming or going from the house, because she can see the driveway and the path up to the front door. This peeking is accompanied by large amounts of barking, that are not as cute as just peeking. We're working on breaking that!


2paw said...

Nice apples!! I live on The Apple Isle- we have apples everywhere!! We used to drive through orchard country and buy cases of apples when I was little. It was a yearly ritual!!
Oh Zosia has the whole looking out the window thing down pat!! The Labradors stand on the Ottoman and they bark at dogs going past, but not much.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I wish fall was here again!! Well, I do love spring then fall!

Zosia is so cute!! Bailey and Puddles would be a bit too "barky" to actually take a picture of them when they see someone coming.

CynicalGal said...

What a great shot of Zosia! Gracie sends some thank you woofs your way...she's feeling much better. It's a long road ahead, but at least she's got a diagnosis and we've got a great vet!

Great shot of the apples too.

Knitted Gems said...

So happy to meet a fellow apple fanatic! I love apples too! I wait all year for apple season. Then, for about two months straight, almost every dessert plus some entrees have apples in them. It's pure heaven!