Monday, January 21, 2008

To be back up North

OK, We're still in Virginia, but for a while on Saturday it seemed like we were back in Vermont. It snowed!! We were all dressed up Saturday night because we were going to dinner and a show (Ring of Fire . .. . save your money if you are considering going. . .so not worth it!) We got to dinner early so we wandered around some of the shops in Oyster Point before our reservation. The snow was falling in big wet flakes and it was super quiet (all the natives were bundled in their homes because the news made it seem like it was going to be a blizzard. and let's be honest, even 2 inches of snow here does bring most things to a halt). It was awesome. Reminded me of going out on Church Street in Burlington when there really WAS a big storm coming. The quiet is so striking to me in those situations, for some reason. Normally quiet bugs me (which is why I talk so much!) but this kind of quiet is very peaceful. I was glad to be out in it. While we were browsing, I found a beautiful oil painting. It's more than I'm willing to pay, and the girl working told me she couldn't negotiate, so I need to find out when the owner is there so I can go back. This is all my effort to be a better negotiator. Everything is negotiable they say, right??!

This was all that was left of the snow on Sunday morning.
Not the most exciting, but it was nice to wake up to it.

I finished my 'mood buster' for my Cocoa Swap pal. He's so funny, it makes me smile! I hope it makes my pal smile, too! I was going to make him hold knitting in his hands like the pattern one, but the only thing I could think to use was toothpicks and then I'd have to hot glue them to the yarn and that didn't seem like the best idea, so he's just wearing a scarf. Why Carly, that scarf does not look like it's knit! Well if you noticed, good for you! I CROCHETED it! Believe that?!?! Nothing fancy, of course, just a single crochet, but I'm going to try to improve my crochet skills. I was proud of myself because I didn't mess it up at all. I also forgot how fast it is as compared to knitting! I think more crochet may be in my future :) Don't worry, I won't forsake knitting, it's just kind of sentimental that my grandma taught me so I don't want to forget it.

Whoa! That was a lot of sappiness in one post, so I'll leave it here for today!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh my goodness!! How absolutely adorable is mr. mood buster!! He would definately put a smile on my face if he was on my desk :)

deucemom said...

Yay crochet! That's so funny b/c my friend Meg at work wants to fix my knitting problem. Like you said, I'm not going to abandon crochet, but then if I saw something knitted I just had to make, I could do it. Oh, and how did you make the mood buster so fast?

MrPuffy said...

He's adorable - your pal will be thrilled!

Tsuki said...

Love it! So cute.

I do some crochet, mainly for things I couldn't knit.