Thursday, January 3, 2008

Project 365/52

So I joined this Blog ring from Ravelry. The idea is to take a photo every day (365) or week (52) and post to your blog. I can't commit to daily, so weekly seems good :) And besides, everyone LOVES puppy pictures, right? In the interest of keeping a theme to the pictures, I will ATTEMPT that they all be doggie related. So, without further adieu, picture #1:
"You woke me up for this?"
(note that Jimmy Ray WAS cutely nestled next to her, but promptly ran when he saw the camera!)

Keeping in the photo theme, I saw this on Tami's blog, and thought it was neat, and I'm currently in a meeting that I already pitched my charts, so this is a good distraction!

Photo Survey!!
- go to Google Images
- search for your answer
- pick one image from the first page
- post

Age at your next birthday

A place I'd like to travel

Favorite object

Favorite food
mmmmmm. .. . brownies

Favorite animal

Favorite color
Red has always been my favorite, but green is a VERY CLOSE second!

Town you are from

Wyandotte, MI
I still don't know if I grew up on the right or wrong side of the tracks :) But every time we saw a train, we played a game about what color the caboose would be, so this picture is appropriate to my memories of my town :)

Town you live in now
Portsmouth, VA.
We are living in a big Navy town :)

Name of a past pet
My first puppy is a basset hound/german shepard mix named Sadie

Name of a past love
My first REAL love was a boy named Dayne. (but he was not a football playing type!)
(for those of you who don't know, this picture is Ron Dayne!)

Your first name
I was named after Carly Simon

A bad habit

Your first job
My first non-babysitting job was hostessing at Big Boy!

Grandmother's name
My maternal grandmother is Anna, but she's nothing like Anna Nicole Smith :)

College Major
My BS is in Chemical Engineering (and yes, this diagram still makes sense to me!)


DeuceMom said...

Hi! I have had this little "start a blog" bug ever since I found yours a month ago... so I started one! You're on it a few times already, so it's a little stalkery.
Anyhow, I'm so interested in trying out a swap! I want to find a crochet one - how do you even find stuff out here??

DeuceMom said...

Ok, so I CAN take the P off your alias?! I just don't want to be pushy and presumptuous. When I mention you to people who don't know you I call you SIL just to simplify matters, but again, working on my not-being-pushy skills!! Oh, and I've always wanted to visit California!

TopHat said...

Fun post! I like the google images idea... maybe I'll join in.