Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B is for Beagle

As you know from prior posts, I have two doggies. Zosia is part beagle, and Jimmy Ray is pure beagle. So, because I love them, my B for A-B-C-Along is for Beagles!

In this photo, in particular, Beagles Basking in Sunlight! This pic does double duty as my week 5 project 365 photo this week. Can you believe I got Jimmy in a photo? It was no small feat! Excuse the light quality, but taking a photo directly into the light doesn't yield the best result, but this is where I wanted to show the pooches. They spend oodles of time here. When the sun isn't warming the carpet, they spend the rest of their time on our bed.

I have a big 'ol soft spot in my heart for beagles, or any hunting dog. I don't really know why, I grew up in the city, not out in the country in a family of hunters or anything. Don't get me wrong, I love any dog, but something about beagles and walkers and blood hounds and blue tick hounds. . . .the just get me!


Rose said...

Hey, totally agree with the difficulty of sitting in class with people who are not focused. Difficult.

Thanks for stopping by; sorry you noticed how long the sweater drug on :)

I swear I'm going to make it back to knit sometime but life has been pretty crazy. Don't count me out though; I'll get there.
Nice to hear from you!

2paw said...

Oh Jimmy Ray and Zosia look a bit worried!! They are doing synchronised lying down!! Don't dogs love to lie in the Sun and soak it up?? Labradors do!! Don't see many Beagles here, we have lots of Labradors, Gewrman Shepherds and Wee Jock kind of dogs in our neighbourhood and lots of Bitsas too!!!

Tamiknits said...

Such cute dogs! I just wanted to say thanks for the help with the continental knitting question, I think I finally have it down!