Wednesday, May 28, 2008

J is for Jesus

So, I actually wrote this on 5/21, but got stalled in looking for the item to photograph, and thus am finally posting late.

Yes, you read that right! But Carly, you aren't a church goer. It's true, K-12 in a Catholic school sort of beat most religion out of me, but there are certain symbolic items that I think are special, regardless of how often I go to church. A crucifix is one of them. I can't really say why, but outside of religious settings, it is generally accepted by historians that Jesus was a real man who was put to death by Pontius Pilate, and that has always struck me, something concrete in a realm where little is fact and not faith.

This crucifix hangs in my sewing room and was bought for me by my mum at Notre Dame in Old Montreal. What crucifix? Oh, yes, this is what I've been searching for for over a week. I was CERTAIN I hung this in my sewing room when we moved in, but when I went to take a picture, it wasn't where I thought it was. So I spent a better portion of the last week trying to find it, unfortunately to no avail. I'm strangely upset by losing it, probably moreso because it was bought as a gift and was blessed, than because of the item itself, but it seems to have gone off into oblivion, so no picture of the traditional crucifix I once had :(

This one, a little less traditional, was a housewarming gift from some very dear neighbors in Michigan. They have known me forever, their daughter babysat me when I was small (and always let me win at Candyland and never tired of dress up Barbie.) I have not decided on the perfect spot for this in the house yet, though.

In more recent news, Picovoli is done, just not blocked, and Maude is coming along nicely, though I'm utterly bored with the ribbing. Somehow the stockinette in Picovoli wasn't as bad as the ribbing. . . maybe I dislike purling more than I consciously admit to :) I'm itching to cast on for something new, but resisting the urge to get some of the WIPs that have been sitting in my knitting basket untouched back into rotation (like the hat for Jake's dad!)

We also got a very nice treat from the UPS man from a friend in Alaska today, but I don't have the pictures to do it justice, so you'll have to wait to see what it is!


km said...

This "non-traditional" on is so great though. I can really understand the stuff that's important because of who it's from. I hope you find the other one.

Marie said...

I've never seen a crucifix look like this. It's so pretty. I hope you find a home for it in your house.