Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strike One

GAH! So the building inspector came yesterday and basically said the contractor has to redo the work. He made a 2-inch error and corrected it not by cutting new lumber, but by cutting small 2 inch blocks to make up the space. I can assume only 1 of 2 things. 1) He thought this was legitimate or 2) He hoped the inspector wouldn't notice it. Well, the inspector noticed right off and now the contractor is pissy he needs to come back to fix it (contract stipulates he doesn't get paid until we pass inspection!) I don't know how people deal with this stuff, this was a teeny-tiny job and even that can't get done on time and properly! No wonder people complain about contractors!

I went on my first wedding dress shopping excursion last night. I'll share some pictures soon! I didn't have high expectations, we were going to David's Bridal. I want a vintage looking dress, and 95% of what they have are strapless modern dresses. I did find two possibilities. . . one cut tea length number. . . not so vintage-y but very practical for getting on and off a bus multiple times while wearing. The other is much more vintage-y, with tiny cap sleeves and ruching on the bust and beaded lace. It's a little long, though, and would need to be bustled, but it was really pretty and nice and light (despite the beading). I'm going to go to a store that carries actual vintage gowns when I go back to Vermont in a few weeks, which I'm pretty stoked about!

I thought picovoli was done. .. then I tried it on and it's still a bit short. I can't figure out what's going on with my row gauge. . . . it's on in some sections and off in others! Weird, right? So, another 10 rows should do me, and I can hopefully find some time for more interesting knitting. I so want to wear Maude soon!! And if I can get the bodice done, the rest is mindless ribbing, so I can knock that out watching TV and such :)


kemtee said...

Yeah, David's is pretty much only going to carry the currently trendy. The prices are decent, though. But if you want vintage, stick to your guns. It'll take more searching but they are out there for the finding.

km said...

ILoveAGoodYarn (ravelry ID) just finished her Picovoli and it stretched in length with blocking. Could you wet it a bit to see if yours stretches? ILAGY blogged photos before and after the blogging.

I hope you find a dress to fall in love with as much as you love Jake. =0)

Anne said...

I've never owned a house, but I hear lots of horror stories about contractors - at least he's gotta come back to make it right! And I'll keep happy thoughts that you find JUST the right dress! :D