Monday, May 19, 2008


On Friday, while I was impatiently waiting for my Mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo Swap Package, the mail man brought me a nice diversion. . package #2 from Kat in the PRGE! It ROCKED!

How cute is the Gumby Stationary?!

How awesome are the rest of the contents?!

Two books. . . Friday Night Knitting Club and 2-at-a-Time socks. I'm super stoked about 2 at a time, because I REALLY get SSS BAD and have to start doing 2 at a time to finish pairs in a reasonable time (I'll do them on two circs rather than ML like the book suggests, though!). Friday Night Knitting Club has to wait until my new Mary Higgins Clark book arrives and is read later this week (one guilty pleasure!). Then not one but TWO skeins of gorgeous Malabrigo worsted in Burgundy! Kat said the the Burgundy reminded her of our getting married in Wine Country . . .sweet, right?! And I adore the Burgundy. I made a scarf for my BF out of it for Christmas and it was hard to part with! For treats there were a bag of Kisses and a deck of Uno cards, a pound of coffee (Kat's favorite blend) and some awesome glitter stickers! I love everything, thanks for being so generous, Kat!

In kniting news, I finally got back to Maude. I had some alone time Saturday while Jake was out with friends and I was able to figure out the pattern mistake and am nearing the end of the lace bodice. I haven't picked Picovoli back up, but I do want to finish the little bit left ASAP (and Kristen, I washed my swatch and it didn't really grow, so I think I really do need to knit the extra!)

PS - I wrote most of this Sunday but couldn't upload photos. My Malabrigo Swap package came today and it is also beyond awesome and as such is deserving of it's own post tomorrow!

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Jess P. said...

You got some awesome swap packages there! Lots of Malabrio - too cool! I love that organic cotton, I may have to keep my eyes open for that.