Sunday, October 5, 2008

Laziness (or S is for Socks!)

As I mentioned, Jake's birthday was Thursday. I made a lovely dinner for he & a few of his friends and we had a great night. Friday Jake hit the road with a friend for a weekend of fly fishing in western Virginia, which meant I was on my own. I was hoping for a burst of productivity to hit me and get a bunch of chores done, but not so much. Friday night, I went out with a girlfriend in from out of town. I made it to last call and didn't get home until 3am. For a girl with a usual 10pm bedtime, it was impressive to say the least that I made it without even feeling tired! Of course, I slept until 11am Saturday, though :) I did get out and run a few errands (buying shoes for my MOHs and yarn for their shawls) with Jen, and then we went to Doumars. If you are local, and haven't been. Go. NOW! The milkshakes, totally to die for!

Saturday night I stayed in and knit. I finished another blanket square and my Woolgirl Dog Days socks. The weather is finally going to start turning so I can start wearing knit socks. And, as I'm always falling behind, I'm coping out and making my ABC-along S is for socks with this post, too!

I'm sort of making a dent in WIPs now! I have another blanket square, leaf lace scarf, my goddess & Jake's socks officially 'in progress' and Jake's sweater and slippers in swatch stage. I'm going to try hard not to cast on anything else until something (other than the blanket square) else is done! It seems a little skewed that 3 projects are for Jake, though, no? At least he appreciates them :)

Finally looks like a pretty uneventful week ahead, which will be nice before we head to Michigan for my bridal shower. It's October 18! Exciting!


2paw said...

Oh that's VERY late!!! Now I think stopping out late is 10-30pm. That's how late I was out on Saturday, but it was dinner at my friends' house about 3 minutes along the road!!
Nice socks, what pattern is that??? Cute shoes too!!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love those socks!! I'm trying hard to not cast on more projects too! We'll see how we do!

Marie said...

Happy bday to Jake!

I love it when Dan leaves for the weekend. No cooking except for breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). No chores.
I spend all day playing in the garden or sewing or knitting.

Love the socks!

Shelvicious said...
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Shelvicious said...

I hope you have fun at your Bridal Shower. I want to hear what kind of crazy games you had to play. The games at my Bridal Shower weren't that bad, the usual, but not too bad. Toilet paper bride, remember the kitchen gadgets pinned to an apron, write a letter to the DH using candy bars as nouns. Things like that.

Sorry, I had to delete the last post because I apparently can't spell.