Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweater Progress

Work on Jake's sweater has begun! I'm about 6" complete so far.

It's going pretty smooth, except for the horrifically skimpy yardage of the yarn! The 82 yards only gets me about 2 inches knit, which is ~12 rows, which means I keep running out! Because there is no way I'm weaving in the copious amount of ends 19 balls + some areas of using 2 balls at a time to knit I've learned to Russian Join. It's not as nice as a felted join, but it seems to do the job. BUT the yarn itself is pretty loosely twisted, so it's a little splitty after the join. I'm cutting out a few of the plies to reduce the bulk, but it's not necessarily helping with the fraying. So far, at least, I've been able to hide them inside, but I am worried about it poking through - and who would want this stuff on the wrong side?

I'm about to join ball #4 and I'm in the middle of a right side row, so fingers crossed!

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