Tuesday, August 19, 2008

P is for Puppies!

Come on, What else could P be for me (except maybe Pooches or Pains in the butt?).

They were lying together super cute, then Jimmy Ray saw the camera and tried to run, so solo shots it is


and the ever elusive Jimmy Ray (trying to take refuge behind a baby Azalea bush!)


2paw said...

Pretty Pup Pictures!! I love the attempt at hiding behind the Azalea!! Zosia looks very happy and Jimmy Ray looks worried!!

A South Park Republican said...

They are adorable!

dogquilter said...

What cuties they are! You should join the Dogs On Thursday group and show them off.


crazy working mom said...

I hope that Jimmy Ray enjoyed his toy and he shared his treats with Zosia. Thanks for playing Secret Paws this year. It was great fun.

Happy New Year from Oscar the weiner dog and his mommy, CrAzY Working Mom