Thursday, August 7, 2008


So, as I alluded to Monday, I bought myself a little something ;) I've had it in my cart for a while at Woolgirl, but I finally had some positive cash flow to justify the purchase (thank you company stock!)
It's a Namaste Newport in Peacock and it's even better than I expected :) I love it already even though I haven't used it (but it will be going to New York with me!).

Of course, Since I was close to free shipping, I threw in some yarn for good measure (a little more than I needed but there was a sale AND I had a coupon!)

Miss Babs Yummy Sock Sport in Hemlock . I am very excited for a mostly solid color, I have several patterns queued that can't handle variegated.

Curious Creek Fibers Meru (silk/merino. . . rav link, as it doesn't seem to be on their website) in Art Deco. This is not exactly what I was expecting, I thought it would be more of a black/grey base with the other colors through. Though it is beautiful, I'm not sure what I can make with it with all that distinct color. I guess I'll decide after I just admire it for a while :)

In other news, I've finally made some progress on wedding things! The venue is nearly closed, the woman is writing up a contract for me now. Whadda ya think? If it all works out the ceremony will be outside in their rose garden followed by bottle and barrel tasting with a cheese pairing in the barrel room. I feel much less stressed being close to closed on a locale :) That means I'm safe to book a plane ticket! AND, in a nice twist of fate, at the mall yesterday we found Jake's wedding band for the rock bottom price of $50 :) We were not out looking for a ring, but we stopped at one of the mall stores to get my ring cleaned. The lady was a dutiful salesperson and said 'Oh sure, and you can take a look through the sale cases while I clean it!' And I look down and don't I see a ring very similar to the one Jake liked at Grannis. The Grannis ring was lovely but, even on clearance, was $700 :) This one had the same feel, so we asked to see it. Being a clearance ring, it was the one in the case or nothing, and it fit! It is stainless steel with a 14K gold inlay. I think a $50 band will probably qualify as deal of the wedding. Even my Plain Jane 2mm white gold band cost more than that! So, all in all I'm feeling much better about wedding planning so I don't have to stress as much! Yay!

So, we leave at 4pm to head to New York. I'll see you all when I get back and I'll pick a contest winner then, too!

And I leave you with a gratuitous puppy shot, since I haven't posted one in a while :) Have a great weekend!


2paw said...

What great bargains, the bag is such a pretty colour and I love the Hemlock!! Serendipity to find such a bargain ring and cute gratuitous dog pic!!!!!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love our matching bags!!! And the yarns are so pretty (as is the wedding band!).

have a great trip!!

teabird said...

Pretty ring!

I've been eyeing that bag - you really like it, eh? Oh dear.

Sarah said...

I'm loving the bag. Especially the color.