Friday, August 29, 2008

Rain, rain. . .

Go away. . . or come, but please stop with this 'maybe it's gonna rain so it's cloudy and gloomy all day' crap!

It hasn't rained in like a month, but leave it to me to summon it forth by shelling out $30 Sunday to get both Jake and my cars washed. But while a mere 60 miles west they got scads of rain (4+ inches!) we've mostly just been spit on. Really, we could use the rain, so I'm not trying to be a whiner, but I'm tired of no sunshine! Rain and get it over with already!

Needless to say, this weather is still not lending to photography, so none of my projects to share yet. Instead, I'll show you a 'to come', based on a this email exchange yesterday.

12:04:41PM Jake: 'I need a cardigan sweater please'

12:22:20PM Carly: 'Why is that, Mr Rogers?'

12:25:01PM Jake: 'Because it is freezing cold in this building'

12:28:15PM Carly: 'Well, by the time I finish one the heat will probably be on at work.'
(he he, that could even be optimistic, it could be NEXT summer!)

12:40:14PM Carly: 'Something like this?' (photo taken from Knitpicks here.)

12:58:00PM Jake: ' I like it. Go.'

So, this will be OTN soon. As soon as I pick a yarn, that is. It's shown in mainline, but I'm not so fond of a nonmachine washable cotton blend (as I am the laundry doer!). Swish would work, but I think 100% wool might be too hot. I like the idea of a wool/cotton blend, so I'll be checking out WEBS and Elann to see what might pop out at me. Of course Jake says it has to be 'not too scratchy' :) Anyone have a suggestion?

I have to say I'm actually looking forward to it. I always need something I can knit without thinking about OTN and I haven't had anything simple since I finished Picovoli.

Wedding things are starting to come together nicely. The location is set. Plane tickets are purchased. I've talked to several choices for photographer, florist (why are flowers so expensive?!), dinner locale and hotel. FSIL is working on making our invitations (seriously, isn't that cool of her? I'm stoked for hand made invites!) I'm not having great luck finding an officiant, but thanks to Ravelry I learned that Unitarian Universalist Ministers will typically perform ceremonies for folks who aren't in their congregation and there is one in Napa, so that might work. I'm going this afternoon to try on the dress again with Jen for a 2nd opinion. I need to find shoes, and Jake needs to start talking to tailors about making his suit, but all in all I'd say I'm more comfortable with it being just 7 months away! (I know it sounds like a long time, but it's not really!) I'm getting excited for my shower, too! It's crazy early to avoid having to drive in snow back to Michigan, so it is October 18!

The weatherman says it is supposed to be sunny again Monday, so hopefully I can share what I've been knitting and finishing recently!


Marie said...

Rowan makes a great Wool/Cotton blend. I think they even have a mossy green like the picture. But, I'm not sure if it is washable.

It is *finally* raining here. Sweet relief. said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I know how hard it is to plan and I am in awe that your can do it from so far away.