Wednesday, August 20, 2008


First, the new edition of The Inside Loop is up! This is the great UK publication that gave us Maude (ahem. . . that is nicely still waiting for buttons to be sewn on. . . ahem) I really like both this cardigan and these socks!

Second, I heard about this new yarn club The Color Co-op. I'm torn about signing up. I like the idea of multiple dyers (which is the thing I like about the Woolgirl club, you get a taste of different people!) but rather than one dyer each shipment, ALL of the dyers dye each month and so you will get one of six options each month. You will get one shipment from each dyer in the 6 months. I'm a little worried that my inner 6 year old can't handle it. I mean, that is a LOT of opportunity for pouting that you didn't get the yarn you like best! At least if a yarn you get in a regular club is not your taste, you just chalk it up to a club, but when you can see 5 others. . .. I may have to pass and sit out, though it seems like a great list of dyers.

If anyone decides to sign up, let me know!

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