Monday, August 18, 2008


Even though the day totally sucked, I am SO thankful I did not get chosen for jury duty! This is the trial I would have had to sit on - ummm, no thank you! I was nervous I was going to be picked, because at least half the people summoned had read the front page newspaper story this morning (note to self. . . buy paper if I have to go again!) but thankfully as they finally selected the jury they called the person three to my left and two to my right and I was dismissed. I still have 9 days of my jury duty term and apparently the Court has a full docket so there is a chance I will have to report again. . .let's hope not! If I do, at least I will be better prepared, as I made the horrific mistake of running out of yarn on my knitting project! I was working on the 2nd Baltimore sock and I didn't think there'd be so much down time (we were there for 8 hours before they selected the jury with only one potty break!) and since I started with the leftovers from sock one, I didn't think about grabbing the 2nd ball when I left this AM. Instead I had a LOT of staring at the wall time after I finished what I could.

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