Saturday, August 30, 2008

Something Blue?

So I picked my dress, but to order it I need shoes (it is made to length since you can't hem the lace). I despise most 'bridal' shoes because they are a) low heeled, b) dyeables and c) boring. I don't want matchy-matchy shoes and Jake even weighed in that he thought dress-colored shoes would be lame.

Shopping today I found these:

I love them, but they are pretty dramatic and will DEFINITELY be noticeable.

Even though a friend already gave me a 'something blue' (yes, even though the entire wedding is non-traditional, I'm wicked superstitious, so I'll be doing the old/new/borrowed/blue thing AND wearing a penny in my shoe!), I'd tell most people that is why I'm wearing the shoes (easier than "I really just didn't want ivory ones!).

So, really, honestly & truly, what do you think? Too much or can I pull it off?

After a photo session with Jake tomorrow, I have not 1, not 2, not 3 but 7 FOs weaved/blocked totally DONE to show off!


stella said...

Rock those shoes!!! I had a dyed blue strip on my wedding shoes. Then again, I had colored embroidery on my dress too.

Go with teh shoes!! I think it kicks butt.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! That dress is so PRETTY!

km said...

Wear them! Love them! And wear them on your 1st anniversary! I wore 4" silver heals. Those were a bit high, I was tired of them at the end of the day...but I loved them. And I love the photo of me pulling up my dress a bit to show my shoes.

DeuceMom said...

My wedding shoes were blue as well. Light blue, but still blue. They're going to be noticeable but I think that's cool. Oh, and I had 2 something blues, so one became my something borrowed.

Alice said...

Love these! They're so stylish and elegant :) I wore pink shoes at my wedding so I definitely agree that white is too blah.

kemtee said...

I like the shoes. I'd wear them all the time. But you asked my opinion and with the dress I think they'd be too much.

Just my $.02. Take it with a grain of salt; after all, I wore white Keds with my gown….

Becca said...

The shoes are perfect. Stylish and gorgeous. Noticable, yes, but in a great way. Matching shoes would be so dull, and this is classier than red.

We got married at the courthouse, so I'm definitely not one to take wedding advice from, but I love the shoes. DH and I are nearly the same height, so for our wedding snapshots, I took off my shoes. The little old lady who married us took the photos and even though I asked her to only get me from the ankles up, all our photos have me in my stocking feet.

But who cares. Our 15th anniversary in in a few months and we always laugh at the pictures.

Life Junkie said...

You HAVE to wear those shoes! I went all conservative and traditional and have been regretting it for the last 17 years! I live on the west side of the state in Lexington (near Roanoke).

Marie said...

Blue is my favorite color, so you have to know what I am going to say. I think those shoes are lovely and they would be so much fun to wear. But, maybe a bit too much. Can you try them on with the dress?
But, what color are your flowers? I think your shoes should match the flowers.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Just gorgeous! I love them!! I say go for it! And the dress is so pretty too!