Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I had hoped to get back into regular blogging but somehow time seems to disappear each day! I am heading out for several days. We're going up to Michigan for my shower. Yay! Should be lots of fun to see friends and family. We haven't seen any of them since we got engaged, so I'll have lots of people ogling my fancy finger :)

And, uh, so much for not starting new projects. I cast on for another Caramel Cable hat. This one for Jake, rather than his dad. It came out of necessity for a simple project I could carry. My only socks OTN are the boyfriend socks and I have to pay attention with counting and the cables. My lace scarf is simple and the pattern is memorized, but I learned (the hard way) I need to finish on a purl row so I don't get any yo's in the wrong spot overlapping a regular stitch when you stop on a right side row and move the work onto the cable :) Jake's sweater is too big to come along places, so that was my excuse for yet another project!

I don't have the energy to re-post a gajillion pictures, but go here and check out the most awesomist swap package I got today, too. I'm doing the Malabrigo Swap on Ravelry - such an awesome group of people, and my spoiler Deb (who is sans blog) totally went overboard. I mean, all around I've been lucky in swaps with having great partners, but this package totally blew me away!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and talk to you next week!

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Marie said...

Have a wonderful time at your wedding shower!

I almost always have to start a new project before heading out on a trip. The ones you do at home just aren't suitable for traveling. Good luck with Jake's hat.