Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ta Da!!!

Mom's bag is complete! (imagine a FO pic here. . .. it's too dark to take one now, but I'll take one in the AM!) Finishing was S-L-O-W! I really like it, I only wish I could figure out how to stabilize the sides. I *thought* the pattern told you to cut out a heavy material for the sides (it suggest cardboard, I bought fusible web), but when I read it again, it only tells you support the bottom (which makes sense, you do need a firm bottom so the bag doesn't stretch out of shape from weight in it.) I couldn't figure out how to attach any of the web to the sides in any manner that made sense, though. So, after all the hours of making it, we'll see how practical it is and if mom uses it! I hope she doesn't just think it's pretty then let it sit in a closet forever :( Sewing the lining did try my patience on the machine while attaching the zipper, but all in all. . . I'm happy! (And an aside. . . fusible web is my new favorite thing!! It's FUN!)

So now a short break from knitting. . . I leave tomorrow for Michigan. Yay! I'll be taking Bob's hat on the plane, but I have HOMEWORK to do. Boo! The teacher in my Interior Design class is a hoot. She's from the Soviet Union and so fits the stereotype. My only complaint is that the class is run a little like High School and not so much like college, as in homework every week and lots of small tasks to keep you 'on track', as opposed to 3 or 4 big tests/projects that make up your grade and letting you manage however you want to. But I'm sucking it up, because it was actually pretty fun! It's a small class, just 10 people, one person other than me in a 'career change', 5 stay at home mom's now trying to work outside the home and 3 'kids' who are pretty fresh out of high school (one just graduated. . .. am I the only one who didn't know high schools had a mid-year graduation??)

Finally, Megan posted a few pictures of the baby, so the cuteness factor can be confirmed :)


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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping I get to see the bag tomorrow when I come by. I was thinking earlier "hmmm maybe I should say something about wanting to see it before she packs it away". so this is me saying something.