Thursday, January 24, 2008

Knitting Night without a Pattern

So last night was one of the knitting groups I go to. It starts at 6. I went to the gym at 4:30 (see, I'm trying to be good!). This, however, made getting ready very tight. At 5:45 I was showered and dressed (no make up, mind you) and grabbed up my knitting (Sheldon was coming with me.) I got to the door and realized I forgot my row counter. Considering the chatting that happens, I knew I'd screw up without it, so I grabbed it and ran out the door. As I was parking at the coffee house, I looked over. Purse - check. Project bag - check. Pattern - OOPS! Yes, when I set it down to open my project bag to put in the row counter, I didn't pick the pattern back up. So, I sat and knit night with no knitting. Of course, I chat enough to not necessarily notice :)

And I dare say I'm over the hump of my swap. Hostessing is more work than I would have imagined. Not that it's hard, just time consuming. I got all the matches sent out yesterday, so now it's the fun part of spoiling and being spoiled!

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Anonymous said...

leaving the pattern behind - that sounds like something i'd do! and you want to be spoiled, do you? well - we'll have to see what i can do! i'm pretty excited to have you as my downstream pal. time for me to get reading your older blog posts, peppering you with questions and hunting for the perfect items. : )
your scavenger hunt spoiler