Friday, January 25, 2008

Can you say Jinx?

Yeah.. . . that bit I wrote about being over the hump of hostessing. . .. not so much. Drama already! Nothing too crazy, and I'd rather hash it out now rather than after when someone gets a bad package, but I'd really prefer none of it at all!

So Jake & I went to the movies tonight. Holy Crap have they gotten expensive! (See, that tells you how often we actually go to the movies.) On the plus side, I'm legitimately a student now, so instead of $9 we only had to pay $7.25 for each ticket ;) We saw "No Country for Old Men". Very, very odd movie, but really, really good. Jake loved it, I actually didn't see it all. I am AWFUL in any mildly scary movie. I bury my head and can't watch. So I missed a few things, but I got the main idea! The killer guy was played by a super creepy actor - Javier Bardem. If I met this guy in real life, I'd think he was a psychopath solely based on looks. He fit the part well!

I started knitting a gift for my Scavenger Hunt partner, too, but I won't be able to post pics :) Hint: It's my something green.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

$10 here in California!!

Anonymous said...

That's annoying - swaps are a ton of work! =)

Miss Me said...

sucks about the drama... what's wrong with some people? i'm completely with you about scary movies. give me a romantic comedy anyday!