Monday, March 3, 2008

Speaking of Swaps. . .

So, my downstream pal in my Scavenger Hunt got her package over the weekend. I'm always a little nervous about how they will be received, but Martha really liked it, so go on over and check it out :)

I really do have a problem with swaps! I love them so much, though and I had a lot of fun in PRGE last go-round, so here we go again with my questionnaire!

1. Why did you join PRGE? I love that this swap is a small group and you get to know everyone participating! And I love punk music, which is how I found this in the first place (I'm going to see Flogging Molly tonite! Yay!)

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)
cooking a nice dinner together with Jake, watching the dogs play and run around the house, listening to Prairie Home Companion, tap dance, tuna & avocado maki

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?
My mom's Christmas Purse, Anna's Endpapers, Laura's Wedding Gift (all Ravelry links)

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?
Something to share with Jake and the puppies, These stitch markers (how cute can you get, really!?!), something unique to where my spoiler is from, a skein of the Raven series sock yarn from BMFA, anything to satisfy my sweet tooth!

5. What are your three favorite yarns? I'm really having fun discovering new yarns from Etsy these days. My newest discovery is Little Dog Designs. I haven't knit up the skein I have yet, but it is incredibly delightful and squishy! Malabrigo Merino Worsted (who doesn't love it!) and I'll give the #3 spot to Berroco Ultra Alpaca!
What are your three least favorite yarns? I don't like KnitPicks Essential, or anything else that loosely twisted so that it splits when you knit with it. I don't like 100% Acrylic unless it is for charity knitting and required. I'm also not a fan of novelty yarns.

6. What are your five favorite delicacies?
made from scratch brownies (with chocolate, not cocoa powder!), splurging on a pair of killer heels, a bottle of Veuve 'just because' and not for celebrating a special occasion, really thick, really rich cheesecake topped with raspberries, a Tangueray gimlet made by a bartender who knows how to make it right! (not too much Rose's Lime!)

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?
Daytime Soap Operas (General Hospital), eating the batter from aforementioned made from scratch brownies, buying great shoes without owning a thing to wear them with

8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?
watching FOX Sunday night TV while Knitting, waking up early on Saturday to go to the gym, make breakfast and take the dogs to the park, FRIDAY!! (my job seriously wears me out all week!), sleeping in on Sunday with Jake and the puppies, trying to catch 'Best Week Ever' :)

9. What do you collect?
I'm trying to work on being less cluttery and simpler, so I don't collect anything really, anymore (unless you count shoes. . . I have a lot of shoes!)

10. When is your birthday?
November 1

11. Do you have any wishlists?
none active right now, but I do mark favorites on Etsy.

12. Do you have any allergies or health related conditions that your pal should know about?
None relevant to a swap package, unless you plan on sending me antibiotics!

13. What do you do for work and what do you do for fun?
For work I am a big 'ol boring project manager for a big 'ol behemoth 'Fortune 500' company (not so punk, I know). I'm currently sort of exploring going back to school to become an interior designer. I'm just taking one class right now. For fun, aside from knitting, I dance, cook and play with my dogs :)

14. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?
I am trying to be a more conscientious consumer these days. I try not to buy Australian merino because of mulesing. I also try not to buy yarns that have travelled from all corners of the earth before being sold (i.e. sheared in Australia, processed in China, sent to Canada for spinning, then Dyed yet somewhere else!).

ps - here is my questionnaire from last round, too.


Jen said...

Yay for brownies! Fun fact: when Dave and I got together the only CD he ever listened to was Flogging Molly. They're great, don't get me wrong, but I've tried to expand his horizons since then:) Have fun at the show!

Angela Marie said...

I agree with you on the shoes. Love finding a great pair of heels even if I don't have anything to wear them with.

Jerry said...

Nothing more fun than shoe shopping! Yes straight guys like show shopping too. My wife thought she hit the lottery :) But seriously the band you recomended only gets as close as Vegas HOB, a 4 1/2 hour drive. What a bummer! We live in So Ca. Have you seen SCOTS?
Nice to see you like Me First, one of my favorites too...

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

I vicariously enjoy swaps through your blog!!! Have fun with this round.