Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not just one. . .

But TWO FOs, folks! Whoa. . . that might just mean hell is freezing over, perhaps best to take cover :)

First, Branching Out, fully blocked.

I really love this, and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. I adore the yarn (and the girls at Yarn for Breakfast all agreed yesterday) which really makes me want to keep it, but I'm not sure how often I would really wear it, given the very moderate temperatures here, so I think it's best to gift it. Perhaps as a thank you to the family friend who is throwing my bridal shower.

Second, Picovoli.

I'm pretty 'eh' about it (it is just plain 'ol stockinette, what did I expect?!), but it was a good use of the Silky Tweed and it fits very well. Unfortunately, I still have one full and one nearly full skein left, and no idea what I'd make of it. . .Maybe another branching out, since that pattern actually calls for silky wool, but not sure how lace + tweed will look.

Since Jake's parents are coming to visit in two weeks, I feel the need to resurrect the hat I started for Bob ages ago. I know completing and gifting it now will lead to no small amount of sarcasm about a nice warm hat for the summer (Meg, I'm sure you'll agree Bob could not leave that be) but I really want to clear up some WIPs. I have a tendency to let things get out of control, including the ridiculous number of WIPs I have. I've started with the small goal of keeping the laundry level below 'overflowing' in the hamper and that is going well. Next will be promptly putting away dishes from the dishwasher (it is currently clean from 3 days ago but not yet put away, leading to a gathering of dishes WAITING to go in the dishwasher cluttering the counter). I'm hoping this will snowball into generally keeping a less cluttered home (and yes, if you're asking, this is partially spurred by the future in-laws visit. . . . FMIL has a touch of cleaning OCD and sweeps/washes her floors multiple times a day among other cleaning quirks! I'm sure she shudders at the thought of what our house may be, since last time she was here I caught her trying to sneak in a quick vacuum of the upstairs while I was out of the house. . .)

I've got 2.5 inches left to finish the body of Maude, then the sleeves should be quick and that will be done, leaving me only my Baltimore socks (which require some frogging to get the right gusset size so I've been avoiding) and the Boyfriend socks for Jake (which are on hold pending buying some reinforcing thread for the short row heel). I hope to get the reinforcing thread and some elastic thread for the cuff ribbing on my trip up to Richmond Saturday. Jen, Jess & I are making a day trip for yarn + Wedding Dress shopping. Should be loads of fun :)

And, just to add to the craziness, I realized my golf lessons will expire in 3 weeks, so I need to get two lessons scheduled ASAP! Hopefully I've retained a little of what I learned last year :)

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DeuceMom said...

It's generous of you to make the hat for Bob. I don't buy gifts (let alone make them) for him any more unless I am 100% sure he's going to like it.

I almost stopped wrapping his gifts after his performance at Christmas one year - I apparently need to work on my sense of humor!