Monday, June 2, 2008

It's ready!!!

Holy Cow! Two posts in one day? But I can't help it, Grannis just called and MY RING IS DONE! This means I don't have to wait until Thursday, I can go straight from the airport to the jewelry store and get it! I CAN'T WAIT!! Coincidentally, today is 2 months exactly from when we got engaged. Isn't that a long time to wait to wear a darn ring? :) I know it's worth it though, because the sales girl sounded even more excited than me. She was nearly at a loss for words to tell me how gorgeous it is, (she had never seen this particular style in person before) so if she thinks it's that awesome, and she sees tons of beautiful jewelry every day, it's going to be even better than I remember it!

And now, I don't even care I can't find my favorite 'business' outfit. . . black pinstripe pants with little turquoise stripes within the grey pinstripes and a turquoise cowl neck sweater. It's totally conservative yet modern and I feel very confident when I meet with customers when I wear it. I wore it to my final presentation for my class at the end of April. I didn't take it to the dry cleaner (I even called them to check), and it's not in the pile with the rest of the dry cleaning. I've scoured all the closets in the house. They seem to have just disappeared :(

Reappearing, however, are a lot of my old CDs. Well, not that they were lost, but they just sit in my CD case and don't necessarily come out to play. I had 'We're in this together' stuck in my head yesterday, so I went searching for the disc to play in lieu of watching TV last night. I forgot how much I love the entire CD (well, OK, really only the 'Left' disc, the 'Right' doesn't do much for me). So, this led to pulling out some other old favorites and reminiscing on what was happening when they were 'current' (seriously, how old am I that the NIN CD is 10 years old and I feel like it was just a year or two ago!). Good all the way around ;)

OK, now to REALLY pack some clothes for my trip (though now I don't care what my clothes look like as I'll only be staring at my ring!)


Jenni said...

Can't wait to see the ring! 2 months is waaaay too long!

Jen said...

yay for the ring!

pretty hate machine is the one that brings me back.

oh, to wear doc martens with my prom dress...that was classy. :)

kemtee said...

ring ring ring ring… I wanna see this ring!

TopHat said...

Hooray for the ring! I don't remember how long it took to get the actual ring, but I was wearing a twist tie (you know, from the bread packaging?) with a bead on it that he put together for a while. I still have the twist tie ring.