Friday, September 26, 2008

Out of the Funk

So sorry I've been such a grouch recently! Too much travel and too many political ads on TV make for a cranky Carly :) I'm less cranky now, though I have some phantom illness that has made my throat feel like it's the size of a pea with a grapefruit in it. BUT, I'm looking on the bright side, it's almost the weekend!

So what is going on with me, you ask?
Well, we got our first official wedding/shower gift from my BFF Tricia (she has the adorable baby Addison who got Sheldon and my Summerlin!)

The gift is the dishes, not the dishwasher :) It's very exciting. The dishes we have had since I left home were hand me down Pfaltzgraff. They did their job, but it's nice to have something we picked!

I've been in a bit of a knitting funk, as well. I determined it was because everything I was working on was on Sz 3 or smaller. I didn't want to start anything else big, though, because yarn is en route for Jake's ribbed cardigan, which will be my easy/boring knitting project for a while. I had seen the Fabrage Cowl on the Mal Swap board and had PMd the designer several times asking when it would be available. I fully intended to purchase it. I must have pestered her enough, though, because last week she said she'd send me a test knit copy if I cast on right away. It took me a while to find some 5/0 beads, but I got them Wednesday and cast on Thursday! I'm half way done and I LOVE it! So pretty, right? It's a gift, but I think I'll have to make one for me, too!

With the storm that came through making yesterday a total washout, Jake spent some time in his woodshop and came back with a nostepinne for me! I put it right to work winding up some laceweight Malabrigo :)

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