Thursday, March 5, 2009

No, really, don't be Sorry!

Today was my last day at the first 'real' job I ever had - you know, the kind you 'resign' from and don't quit :) It was the job I accepted coming out of college that made everyone so proud of me. (My starting salary was more than my mom made.) It feels kind of weird. My office phone is disconnected, my computer is boxed up waiting for the UPS man to pick it up and deliver it back to my boss. The weirdest thing, EVERYONE (and their brother) assumes I lost my job. I had to call to cancel a lot of services. . . I say 'I need to cancel, I'm leaving my job today' and I get a 'Oh, I'm so sorry'. I'm tired of telling people 'Nothing to be sorry about, I quit - I have a new job!' Not sure why I feel the need to tell random customer service people this, but I do!

So now, I have 4 days off. I start the new job Tuesday. My plan is to close anything open for the wedding in my couple days off. That mostly includes choosing the wines we'll be tasting, and selecting the appetizers and desserts for dinner. And hopefully, having a FINAL dress fitting. You are only supposed to have two fittings. . . an initial and a final. I went for my 'final' and the dress was ALL effed up! The hem was like 2 inches short, the straps gouged my arm pits. . . it was bad news. The seamstress ripped out her work (thank GOD she didn't cut any fabric off yet!) and repinned things and I went back yesterday for another 'final' fitting. The hem was corrected, but the bodice is still not quite right, so the seamstress ripped again and I'm going back Monday. I really hope it's right, because (a) the wedding is barely 4 weeks away and (b) the seamstress works only 10-5 M-Th and with the new job, I'm not sure how much 'I need to leave' I want to do in my first few weeks :) The dress is awesome now that it's fitting better, though. I love it! If you want to see, you can check it out on my flickr here.

I swear, there is knitting, but I've been wrapped up cleaning up things with the old job and my bachelorette party last weekend that blogging just isn't making it to the top of the list!

Hope you all are well!!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

This is a time of wonderful changes coming into your life! Enjoy them all :)

kemtee said...

I. Love. That. Dress.

2paw said...

That is nice of people to be so kind though!!! How exciting that your wedding is so close. Good luck with all the choosing and the dress!!

Ashley said...

That dress is so pretty! You look beautiful!