Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prize Disclosure :)

OK, it's a terrible photo, because it's COLD outside today and I wasn't about to take outdoor photos :) These are the prizes I decided on for my contest winners. I won't tell you what is going where, though!
SOMEONE is getting a Cookie A pattern and sock yarn. SOMEONE else is getting some super-soft merino and a Ysolda Teague pattern and the OTHER someone is getting a bag of Debbie Bliss yarn! I hope everyone enjoys! The two of you who get patterns, I have the PDFs for you, so let me know when you get your packages!


Kate said...

Thank you for even HAVING a contest! I'm so excited to get a little goody :) You are a sweetheart for "upping" your karma to our benefit ;)


Desiree said...

You are so awesome!!! I am very excited and sending many good karma wishes your way :-)

twistedtexan said...

OOH! That's some delicious loot!

Marie said...

Wonderful prizes!