Friday, February 20, 2009


OK, Really, where is the time going? Here it is Friday and I haven't blogged and I feel like the only thing I accomplished was putting in my official resignation (resignation makes me feel so much fancier than just plain quitting does, but that's the 'official' term when you are a professional I guess!). My last day at the current job is March 5. None too soon if you ask me :)

I've had both some knitting and some swapping and some yarn buying going on that I will get around to sharing (hopefully) soon!

Don't forget to leave a comment if you want to enter the Good Karma Contest. I'll pick winners Sunday from everyone who comments before 8AM EST tomorrow (2/21)!


Mike said...

Your last day at your work is my 5's birthday. He's already trying to help get things ready for the party. He doesn't think now is too soon to decorate. I can totally see how you're counting down those days.

km said...

OOPS. M left his account signed in and I forgot to check.