Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sheesh. . . . I blink once, and suddenly it's February. . . . I blink again, and I've been home from California for a week and haven't shown any pictures! Well, I'm still not going to because I have 2000 other things to do. I'm not sure why I've suddenly become so busy (gee, could it be an up coming wedding or an impending job change?), but I hope it doesn't last too long.

I've been knitting on my Oblique and am almost done with the back. I almost finished a pair of socks in San Diego. I am sort of panicking about finishing the 2nd Wisp.

I am pleasantly surprised by my taxes. I was avoiding doing them because I thought for sure I'd have to pay this year. Jake wanted me to at least do his instead of avoiding, so I did a quick version of them last night (after searching for a good hour to collect all the relevant receipts and forms) and lo and behold! No paying!

I haven't officially accepted my new job yet. I asked for a larger salary and they just got back to me yesterday with their response. I told them I'd give a response today. I'm nervous! Saying yes means all sorts of change. . . and while I want something new, change is scary :) And, to be honest, financially, it's not the BEST move I could make. It's a bigger salary, but overall because of giving up bonuses, discounted stock purchase, etc, overall $$ is even at best, despite the new job being clearly more responsibility. Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the behind in a few years, but for now, probably worth it for the change of scenery.

Then to REALLY make me think I blinked through too much life, it was 72 degrees on Sunday! Gorgeous! Is winter gone?! Of course, rather than enjoy it properly, Jake & I spent a few hours raking the yard. It was nice to be outside in a T-shirt and sunshine, but I loathe raking. We did grill some pork chops for dinner, though, to celebrate the early spring temps! It's supposed to be in the 70s for a few more days before going back to more normal 50s, but we surely seem to be on the spring-upswing!

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Catherine Kerth said...

ok, would love to the photos so get to is woman!

and exactly what do you do for aliving? just curious..... ;)