Thursday, June 28, 2007


First, I want to post a picture of my present ♥ !

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've never owned a piece of original art! Not like the guy is ever going to be famous, but it's still really neat to have something no one else has.

OK, on to knitting! I had knitting group on Tuesday with nothing really in progress. . .well, nothing I actually wanted to work on, at least. My only real WIP is a Stephanie Japel sweater from her Knitty Gritty appearance. It's done and half sewn, but the arm turned out too tight, so I really need to frog the whole darn thing and start again.

Anyway, I couldn't go to group with nothing to knit, so I decided to make a dishcloth. I actually just discovered that people KNIT dishcloths. . .. it was never one of my beginner projects. I had a fair amount of Lion Cotton leftover from my reusable shopping bags, so it seemed like a good way to use it. As an added bonus, I finally had a reason to use the needles my mum bought me for Christmas.

They are lovely Lantern Moon Rosewood needles. They have sat in my knitting bag with nothing to do, since I NEVER use straight needles! But mum doesn't knit, and I think the LYS she shopped at convinced her to buy the most expensive thing they could!

I cast on ~45 stitches and started knitting, but the cloth seemed entirely too big, so I started over with 31 stitches.
Here is the cloth that I was able to finish despite the SnB chit chat!

I took it home, and Jake decided it was too small, so I had to knit another.

This one is actually pretty neat with the seed stitch diamonds. Both shall go to mum as a thank you for the needles! Jake then said he wanted a dishcloth (WHY?!? I don't know!) so since I was already going to Michael's for some T-pins, I picked up some Sugar n' Cream to make two dishcloths for the house.

I finished the Lupine Lace socks with all the ends weaved in. (I tend to say I finished something with I have finished knitting, I HATE the weaving/sewing/etc!)

(sorry, couldn't really take a good picture to see the pattern).

I also truly finished Catherine's Mini Cardi.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and am SO excited to wear it?!?! I finished the knitting about a month ago, but was avoiding sewing on the frog clasps and blocking. I knit it SWTC Bamboo colorway Esquire. The was the first time I knit with bamboo and it is fabulous! I need to come up with another project since I have another 8 balls! (I bought a bag for a great deal - if anyone is interested in swapping for a ball or 2, leave me a comment! I'm open to just about anything).

Finally, knitting group helped me decide on the size 7 needles for my halter design. I'm hoping this weekend to spend some time working out the math and actually writing up the pattern.

And, just so my sewing doesn't feel neglected, here is a photo of my 1980 Singer!

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