Friday, June 15, 2007

Ready to Road Trip

It's 6:20am. . . the goal is to be on the road as soon as Jake is home from work, hopefully 11:30am. Then, a mere 14 hours later, we should be pulling up to the parents house. Well, Jake's parents. ALL the way in the Adirondack's. Not sure if you've ever been to that part of New York, but it is far away from EVERYTHING! It is good and bad, of course. A week and change away from most of civilazation means no work can find it's way to me, but it also means potential for serious bordem. And for once, I don't have 13 WIPs! I only have 3 - a cotton reusable shopping bag, a pair of socks in Lorna's Laces and a mini-cardigan in bamboo. The bag will probably be finished on the drive and the Cardi barely qualifies as WIP, as it just needs the ends woven in. My camera is already packed in the car, or I would post pictures of said WIP, but I will post the FOs when I'm back! I guess if I clear the WIP, I have no excuse to not start working on the halter top I'm trying to design. . . . but we'll see, I'm quite a good procrastinator :-)

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