Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Worth Every Penny

This weekend on one of our multiple trips to Lowe's, we finally bought a wheel barrow. Jake has been wanting one for a while, and there was a metal one finally under $100, so we picked it up. I put it mostly together on Saturday while I mulched, but I wasn't strong enough to stretch the (cheap) metal brace over all the bolts on the bottom, so I still carried all the weeds from the front mulching (and there were a lot!) out back to the compost. Jake finished the wheelbarrow assembly when he finished with the drywall sanding and it sat in the house all day Sunday. So last night I asked Jake if it was a 2 person job to take it outside, and he said no, he could take it. I held the doors open and he wheeled it out. "Where's it going?" I pointed to the woodpile. Then I asked "Does it wheel nice?"
"Yeah, want to wheel it around the yard once?"
"No, I want you to wheel me around" I said, mostly in jest.
"OK, Get in."
And I couldn't resist. So I slung my butt into the wheelbarrow and off we went. I felt like a 6 year old and it was great! The dogs where chasing Jake (who was running. . . I think he secretly wanted to 'accidentally' dump me out) so Zosia jumped into it with me and we went for round #2. Then poor Jimmy Ray looked left out, so he got in, too, and Jake pushed us for a 3rd (much slower) time around the yard (slow for beagle - he's nervous, not because he was tired!). It was, I'm sad to say, the funniest thing I've done in recent memory. I giggled like a school girl :)

This is my new toy. Unfortunately, it'll quickly get too dirty to sit in, but it's fun while it lasted!

I finished the socks for Rae last night, and I'm totally stunned by finishing socks in 3 days.
I'm glad this yarn is going to a good home, since I really love it, but seeing it knit up is nothing I'd wear myself. I'm now trying very hard to resist buying some STR online RIGHT NOW!

Also in the 'helping some else' realm, check out this raffle. The funds will help buy a wheelchair and there are some seriously great prizes. I promised if I win, I will in turn raffle off the yarn that I know I will not use anytime soon and donate the funds as well. So, what are you waiting for? You've got $10 to spare, right?


SweetPeaMomof3 said...

What fun! And great socks!

metal and knit said...

Sounds like yard duty was for both of us althought mine was at my friends that i sort of lie in at on weekends

yes I still have 120 balls of wool from 150 to knit.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The socks look fabulous!! I think the colorway is X-mas rocks (so I would probably only wear that color at christmas time!!!). Hmm...maybe we could work out another color for your good deeds!!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! We have a wheelbarrow like that, I wonder if I can get Someone to give me a ride.

Miss Me said...

i'm sure that mr. me wouldn't do that for me, although one of the kids might! and the socks look GREAT.