Monday, November 24, 2008


This is not at all knitting related, so feel free to ignore :) I did complete THREE projects this weekend, though, but I'll post about them when I have photos!

I hate my job. I have hated it for quite some time, but Friday pushed me over the edge. The place is on fire and 95% of the leadership has decided to throw both ethics and good business sense out of the window. It took all of my common sense to not hand in my resignation effective immediately. I know it would be stupid to quit without something else solid lined up. Part of me hopes to stick around long enough for the inevitable layoffs (in the 7.5 years I've worked here, there have been at least 7 rounds of layoffs so far) that will come in the First Quarter to attempt to make earnings look better. At least if I get laid off, I get a hefty severance check. Part of me just wants to find a new job that I will actually have the motivation to care about going to. It's hard to get out of bed to go work for someone you don't respect. If I didn't have a good work ethic, I wouldn't even care about the customers I support. Lucky for me (and them) I do take it seriously and try to make sure my customers get the best support they can, so I still actually show up to work. I am just not so much with the 'above and beyond' anymore.

So why all the whining? Because I'm so tired of people telling me I need to stop complaining and just 'BE HAPPY' I have a job. I mean, really, why should I be HAPPY that my employer treats me like crap? So many people I know are trapped in jobs - particularly people in Vermont who don't have many other options than to work where they are now. I feel BLESSED that I'm not in a situation where I'm a sole bread-winner and that I'm not living paycheck to paycheck. I feel grateful that I am well educated with a strong resume and therefore have the flexibility to consider leaving my present employer. I'm thankful that I chose to leave Michigan when I graduated from college so I'm not riding the roller coaster that is the auto industry (though given that when I started in Vermont there were 8200 employees at my location and when I was there last week the count was barely 5000, I'd say percentage wise I didn't make the best choice of industry moves!). I'm a lot of things, but I'm not HAPPY that I have this job. I am even LESS happy that so many people feel like they have to deal with this kind of crap. No one should have to continually 'suck it up' and be disrespected just because their employer knows they have no where to go.

So there. And no, I'm not being self-righteous, I just refuse to stay in a job where my personal ethical line is being trampled on by the majority of leaders. It's only possible to be buffered from it for so long.

And now, my to-date mostly half-assed job hunting is now going into full gear. My goal is to send my resume to at least 10 positions each week until I find something new. I did 5 today. Wish me luck.


2paw said...

Work is such a big part of your life and if you're not happy there it is very boogelly. Good luck with finding a new and better job!! Well done for showing such resilience by staying there until you can.

kemtee said...

I do wish you luck. Although I don't think you'll need it. You are well qualified and certainly not stupid -- you'd be an asset anywhere.

If more people stood up for their principles rather than sucking it up, I honestly believe that situations of desperation/dissatisfaction would be fewer and fewer.

Yes, it's a tough market but nothing is impossible.

Tsuki said...

Good for you!
Nobody can tell you to be HAPPY in a job. (or to be HAPPY about anything else, for that matter)

My job ping-pongs between me thinking it's rubbish and thinking it's okay, but in my city, like yours, there's only one big employer. And it sounds like your boss is much suckier than mine. I have a good manager (until the new structure) but I don't think the organisation gives a stuff about anything except profit. Hey ho Capitalism.

All the best for finding yourself something new. Just make sure that you're GOING TO something, and not just running from something you hate. The new job you find needs to be something you want to do, or you'll be back in the same boat in a short time.

I wish there was something you could do to improve it as it sounds like you love what you do, just not who employs you to do it. Though that will come over in any interview, so you should do well.

Good luck, hope you don't mind me de-lurking to offer you my support.

Quasipsyco said...

I have lived in many places. Previously my record was almost two weeks between jobs (when job hunting).

Back in July I was fired from one of the happiest jobs I ever had.

It took me a record 2 months (almost 3) to get a new job. It is a better job than I got when I first moved to Virginia.

Having put in 3.5 years in a crappy crappy job that treated one as though they were more replaceable than furniture sucked hard core. I am grateful that I did not have to go back to that job, though I came close.

You should not be locked into a job that sucks the joy out of your life. That said, please get a start date before you put in your resignation. The market really sucks and is only getting worse right now (not better, despite the holiday season).

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.
I am happy where I work, so if you want a referral, contact me.