Friday, November 7, 2008

Long Overdue

Well, I finished this in AUGUST but never got around to having Jake take some photos for me, but here she is, my lovely MAUDE!

Possibly my favorite project ever :) I've even almost forgot what a PITA the lace pattern was. It wasn't necessarily hard, but a little fiddly and I don't think I did a full round without having to tink back at least a few stitches, if not the whole row. Totally worth it in the end, though! Truth be told, I probably should have made the XS. I'm always wary of choosing and how much ease is assumed and I didn't want it to end up too small. It's still wearable, just a bit loose. Hopefully it doesn't stretch, that would make me sad :(

More recent - finished on Tuesday, Jake's new hat. Yes, it is the same hat I made for his dad! I really REALLY love this pattern. If I knew another person who needed a hat, it's a very real possibility I would make this for a third time. I also LOVE the yarn - Ultra Alpaca. Seriously, it could someday overrun Malabrigo as my #1 favorite yarn. It is just so soft and lovely! I got two skeins of the new Ultra Alpaca Fine in a swap and I'm hoping it's as lovely as the worsted weight!

In both cases, please excuse the marginal photos. It has been raining here since Monday and it gets dark so early there is little natural light. My camera is dying, too. . . I'm trying to choose a new one as a birthday/Christmas gift from my mom. Anyone have a suggestion for a good quality but not too complicated to use digital?


Marie said...

Your sweater looks gorgeous.

Alpaca passed other wool a long time ago in my voting booth. Though, alpaca mixed with wool took top honors a few months ago. You get the softness of alpaca and the elasticity of wool - best of both worlds.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That sweater looks fabulous on you! So pretty!! Great job!

Love the hat too! I'm going to have to queue that pattern!

2paw said...

That's a gorgeous top and you look so happy wearing it!!