Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something Old, Something New

While I'm having a far from traditional wedding, I still plan to do the old/new/borrowed/blue thing. Call me superstitious :) Because I really want a vintage feel to things, I decided several months ago I wanted to find a beautiful cameo for the day. The thought originated with my originally planned dress, but it stuck. Shopping on Friday I found the perfect one - and I bought it!

To be fair, I actually found this several months ago and decided not to buy it because the price was a little steep. I love the uniqueness of the rectangular gold backing, though, and it really stuck in my mind since I saw it. When I shopped for others, I would gauge them against my memory of this one. So, when I found myself at the same antique shop, I went to see if they still had it. I still loved it, and I had a particularly crappy day at work so the price tag didn't seem so bad. Then the sales girl told me she could take 10% off AND Jake told me I could use some of our shower gift money (earmarked for something for us of course) to pay for part of it, so it came home with me! (but for the record, I'm not using 'our' gift money to pay for any of it, but it was super sweet of him to offer, right?!)

I think it is beautiful and I've decided to make an effort to wear it for more than the wedding. Broaches aren't really my thing, though, so I think it will take some work to figure out how to incorporate it in my jewelry rotation :) The piece is from the 1920s. I'm told it's particularly unusual given that the subject has her hair up. It was far more common for the portraits to show flowing locks. I never would have noticed myself, but after the owner told me, I did notice every other cameo was down. The cameo itself is conch shell. I came home and did some research and found out I got a very good price, given what I found of comparable age and size, so all in all, I am quite happy. Now to decide. . . . is it my something old or my something new?


Cheryl in VA said...

Rick gave me a very unique and lovely antique cameo for a wedding gift and I have found that the other two ways to work it into my wardrobe was to use it as a scarf/shawl pin, and as a necklace. I went in search of the perfect chain, and then wrap the chain around the pin and put a rubber earring back over the point of the pin so as not to snag my top.

It really is quite a lovely piece, obviously it was meant for you, since it was still there when you went back.


stella said...

It's both something old and new! I had a piece that was borrowed and blue, and old and blue. Can't be too covered... ;)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

It is gorgeous!! I say its your something old and new :)

freshkae said...

...and it looked so perfect with your dress! i'm back safe and had such a good time. i just blogged about the whole trip today. hopefully this comment should give you the link to my blog. so good to see you! xoxo