Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good News & Bad News

The Bad News? I felted a pair of my socks :( I forgot they are not superwash and I just threw them in with a load. They normally can go in the wash, but in a lingerie bag on the gentle cycle. The Good News? They were my least favorite pair, so I'm not all that heartbroken!

I finally got around to a bunch of blocking today after cleaning the bathroom. The Hemlock is still in there waiting on me to vacuum to make space to pin it out. Mom's socks & Jake's cowl are on the blocking pad.

The bulk of today was taken up with sewing, and MAN do I need some practice! Last year after Christmas I bought some fabric to make a tree skirt and never got around to it. Since we put up the tree, I figured it was now or never. The sewing is rather atrocious if you look close, but since it's made to lay on the floor and be a little bunched up anyway, you can't tell at all. Since I was on the machine, I did a few patches on pants for Jake and then hand sewed a few buttons. The stack of 'to mend' that has been sitting next to my machine for ages is all officially cleared up! Yay for me! Now I may need to make a few Christmas stockings with the leftover fabric from the tree skirt. In unpacking all the Christmas decorations, I have both dogs' stockings, but neither Jake nor mine's. I have no clue where they could be. I'm sure they'll turn up after I make new ones :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat sunny, so hopefully I can finally get around to posting a bunch of pictures!

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