Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm less than 24 hours from my interview! I don't feel like I've prepared enough. But I can't look through their website anymore! I did a trial 'drive by' to make sure I knew where to go, which was a good thing since Google gives you wrong directions. I feel like I anticipated a few questions they would have for me and have decent answers. But I still feel unprepared. I did choose my outfit, though (the important things, you know!). I'm not wearing a suit. I own two suits. One is boring black and outdated - and only has a skirt (it had pants at one point, but they seem to have disappeared). The other is a snappy patterned brown but the only top I have that goes with it well is a snakeskin print, which I think is a little too loud for an interview. So, I'm wearing my brown pinstripe pants with a green shirt and a brown & cream patterned jacket. Put together enough for an interview, I think, and certainly more 'me' than the black suit could ever be :) So hey, if I don't get the job, I'll at least have looked cute trying! I think I need to donate the black suit - I know I'm never going to wear it again!

So keep your fingers crossed for me :)


kemtee said...

Fingers crossed.

Toes crossed.

Running out of things to cross.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Good lucky Carly!!

Sarah said...

Good luck! Good Luck! GOOD LUCK!

Hope it all goes well... I know the pain of a job you hate, so I hope you are soon onto better and bigger things!

Quasipsyco said...

Break a leg, honey!