Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dear Interweave

Your subscription policy SUCKS!

So, I got a subscription for IK for Christmas from Jake's brother and SIL. Very exciting, right? So last month, I got the Winter issue in the mail. I called and said 'Uh, I had already purchased this issue, and the person who gifted it to me purchased it to give me. At a minimum, they would not have purchased it had they known you would be sending it.' After some arguing, they agreed to extend my subscription by one issue. Now, I have been anxiously awaiting the spring issue. When I went to YfB on the 9th, everyone else had received theirs. So I have been trying to be patient, then came yesterday, the 19th, the day the issue can be bought everywhere. I called Interweave. 'I was just wondering why this issue is now available on newsstands but I haven't received it'. They tried to tell me that ALL the magazines leave the warehouse at once and that it is up to the post office when they choose to deliver it. Now, call me crazy, but I didn't know the USPS was in the business of holding onto mail just because they like to have it sitting around in their warehouses! Apparently, Interweave allows up to TWO WEEKS after the issue hits newsstands before they let you complain you haven't received it. So I have to continue to wait until I can call back and complain. GRRR!

In knitting, I knit up the balance of the balled yarn I had for my Jeezny Cricket socks. I was too lazy to go wind the other skein to finish the sock, so I cast on for the 2nd cowboy boot sock. They are toe up with an easy toe, and as I started knitting in the round, I realized I cast on some random number not anywhere in the pattern! So, I tore back, decided clearly if my brain could not count to 16 I should put aside the knitting and so I stopped for the night! However, I now think it may be possible to finish both socks for a Feb. Finishing goal! After knitting on Jake's socks for so long on Sz 1s, I forgot how quickly thicker yarn can go!


Scavenger Hunt Spoiler said...

wait until you renew your subscription... that's fun too. "is this a renewal?" "yes" "which issue did you previous subscription end with?" -insert issue- GUARANTEED that they will send you the exact same issue! great mag, but they have some administrative and client service issues.
p.s. sorry i've been quiet recently - work has been trying to kill me.

Knitted Gems said...

The trick is to have no idea how long your subscription is. Then, when you get the magazine in the mail, you are always surprised. I thought my subscription had expired, but no, I got Springs issue. Maybe if I wasn't so scatter-brained, I might have the chance to get upset at them.
Hoping you get your issue soon!

DeuceMom said...

I'm sorry your gift was a PITA!! I called today and they're supposed to be mailing you the spring issue. Let me know!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the great cocoa swap package that Mary sent to me! I'm pathetically late in responding to all the comments and couldn't find an email for figured i'd stop by and comment!

I just got a new subscription as well to IK and luckily I have a forceful mother (it was a gift from her) and she made sure that they did not send me an earlier issue!

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

I'm letting my subscription to IK lapse. I've decided to just check out the magazine in the bookstore and if I like it buy it then. That way I can look at all the knitting magazines and see which, if any, have projects that I might want to make. I seemed to get my copy later than usual this past issue as well.