Monday, February 25, 2008

Happier on Monday

So from the sound of my last post, you would have thought I did nothing all weekend except drawing. While it felt like that, looking back, it was actually quite productive. No, nothing useful like dishes or laundry or washing the floors (which is despartely needed!) My craft room (a.k.a. guest bedroom + sewing machine) is finally habitable again. Since sometime in December, the door has been solidly closed so that the dogs cannot make it worse than it already was. It is now all cleaned up and the puppies are most happy they can lounge on the bed again. Notice I said cleaned up, and not organized. I still haven't 'really' tackled the stash. It is now all contained in the one drawer unit I bought or in boxes in the closet. There is no rhyme or reason to it, but for now not being an eyesore is enough for me!

There was one casualty, which is one of the hanks of handspun alpaca I bought this summer in New York. It is very tangled and I need to work that out. I also need to find someone with a winder and yardage counter. I know the weight of what I have, but no idea on the yardage. It is so lovely, I want to figure out something to make with it soon.

Speaking of making it soon, I found this pattern through the magic of 'friends activity' on Ravelry. Tuulia queued it and I fell in love with it. Saturday night, I ordered 3 balls of Jagerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 in Peacock to make this Maude for myself (I am not making the scarf in that link, that is just the color I bought!). I should end up with oodles leftover, after talking to the designer, so I'll probably make a scarf with the same yarn, too. Such a deal on the yarn, too, only $8.50/ball over at Sarah's Yarn. I don't think the yarn will arrive until March so I can cast right on ;)

Since I happen to be link happy today - go check out Paula's Sock Bag Tutorial. And check out this awesome shirt made by Pamela (sorry for the split link, couldn't find an address directly to her blog post with the shirt). I'm totally jealous. This really is pushing me to work on the sewing machine for some practice!

I signed up for the next round of PRGE. Signups are open through the week if you are interested! I also signed up for a few swap-bot swaps and am feverishly trying to find 'something funny' to finish off my Scavenger Hunt Package so it can be mailed off this week. It would be poor form for the Hostess to have her package out late, wouldn't it?

Finally, I almost forgot to share what the mail man brought me Saturday. My Mama Llama Club shipment (a.k.a. the birthday gift that keeps on giving)! The yarn is Silken Cash (55% silk/45% cashmere) and it is gorgeous! I'm only so-so about the pattern that came with it, so I think I will find another scarf to make with it once I am through petting it! Isn't the polka dot bag too cute?

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IrishgirlieKnits said...

Pretty pretty mama llama!

So, umm... are you available to come help out with my "craft room?" We don't let the doggies in there either :( hehehe Its on my to-do list...someday!