Friday, February 29, 2008


So maybe I'm only on the topic of tax dollars because my Federal refund was deposited into my account today (see, I KNEW I could buy all that new yarn!), but WHY are my tax dollars paying the FBI to investigate Roger Clemens?!?! Really, is our biggest concern highly paid adult athletes ruining their own bodies? If we're concerned about drug use, why don't we focus our energy on places where it could actually better the lives of Americans. . . those people whose communities are overrun with drugs and the crime that it brings? Or, say, helping treat addiction of those who can't afford it on their own? Who is benefiting from this whole MLB thing? For the life of me, I do NOT understand it!

OK, off my liberal soapbox. . . .for now ;)


LotusKnits said...

Totally. Agree.

kemtee said...

I'd just like to know where in the Constitution it's mandated as a power of the state to go jock sniffing.

Seriously. Energy crisis, national security, etc. What is Congress doing? Baseball. Riiiight.

Anonymous said...

i think this has to do with a bigger social problem - the one where people idolize athletes, actors and rock stars just because they're famous. if you want to be idolized - do something important!

(taking drugs or betting on pro sports doesn't count)

scavenger hunt spoiler (again)