Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is it March yet?

Oooohhhhh. . . .I have the worst case of itchy fingers!! My Zephyr Lace came from Sarah's yarns, yesterday. The color is 100 times better than I expected, and I wanted to cast on immediately! I also got my order from Fearless Fibers yesterday, and the skein I purchased for sure to keep (sublime) is phenomenal. I am being very good trying to finish and not start,so I can't give in now, right?

At knit night last night, I finished off my two pair of socks, the cowboy boot and jeezny cricket socks. The first gave me a heck of a time doing a tubular bind off in P1, K1 rather than K1,P1. That damn knitting help video has "knit, purl, purl, knit" drilled in to me that I kept slipping into that rather than the P, K, K, P I needed to be in. The other socks just needed the toe grafted. Both pair have the problem that the first sock knit is looser than the second, but they don't have to go in the give away pile,which is good!

I (thought) I finished the first of Jake's socks. I love it (despite the never ending-ness)! When he tried it on,turns out I need ~1/2" more in foot length. Now I'm debating where to tear back to to add the length. . I really don't want to go all the way back to the patterning! Tonight, I hopefully will finish Sheldon while I try to make my house look presentable. My friend Brittany is making a marathon trip down to visit tomorrow from DC. She actually lives in Boston and is visiting her brother in Georgetown, so she rented a car to come down here for the day. I'm very exited!! I haven't seen her since August!

I will post all my FO pictures and all the new yarn (I had a few more splurges on Etsy!) this weekend!

ps - Has anyone else noticed the awful knitwear modeled on page 11 of the new KnitPicks catalog? (go to 'view more images' then 'on model' to see it if you don't have the catalog!) Seriously, that vest looks 3 sizes too big for her, and it's the most unflattering color, ever! Would anyone actually buy the book based on that??!??! And, if you're going to put ill-fitting clothes on the model, don't put another picture of the same model in a top that FITS on the same page!


Emily said...

That's so funny, I just looked through the catalog less than 5 minutes ago and yes! Terrible choice for the vest. That model is too thin for several of the sweaters they put her in.

2paw said...

That's awful- I have that book and the vest looks very nice on the model!!! I'm thinking of making it, but I would never have chosen the one there!!!

Tsuki said...

haha, did you see the face the model is pulling too?
I wish all knitting publications would think for a second before they use stick-thin girls, after all, most of us aren't.

Anonymous said...

that vest is HORRID on that model, but the model on page 4 looks worse... i mean, she may have a real person's body, but why did they make her suck on a lemon? (the photos where she really is smiling aren't that bad...)

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