Sunday, February 24, 2008

HELP ME! (And an almost FO)

So someone, remind me why I thought it would be a good idea to go back to school? I have never spent so much time on one class in all my education. Seriously, my engineering classes were not this time consuming. . . at least not the entry level ones. I spent nearly the entire weekend doing drawings. In concept, these are not difficult, but execution is a whole separate issue! Firstly, I am not artistic. The teacher claims this is not a requirement we'll see how true that is when she grades my homework! I stink at everything that is free hand :( Doing six drawings took me, without exaggeration, ten hours between Saturday and today. It doesn't help that you have to draw it, then trace it again on to good paper, so it was more like 12 drawings. This was supposedly the most tedious of the set we have to do, and I really hope that is true!

Spending this much time on homework left little time for knitting, but I just about finished my cowboy boot socks. For some reason, my row gauge was waaaaaaaay different for the 2nd sock and I was worried I'd run out of yarn. I ended up with like 24 extra rows to get the same length sock AND a ton of extra yarn. Go figure, since each skein weighed the same. I say 'just about' finished, as I haven't cast off. I did P1, K1 ribbing and I can't figure out how to do a sewn cast off (I accidentally did a K1, P1 on the first sock and did a normal K,P,P,K to bind off). I think my brain may be more clear in the morning and hopefully I can finish. I will post a picture when they are off the needles.

The good news is that Jake got a new toy this week that kept him occupied in the garage, so I don't feel bad about how much time I spent drawing. He's really good at turning already, it's quite impressive. So far he made a goblet, a pencil cup and a couple decorative small pieces that remind me of chess pieces. I also am super excited that I got an awesome surprise for him. I have pictures, but I don't want to post on the off chance he actually ever comes to my blog :) He is going to LOVE it, and it is gorgeous. It should arrive this week so I can share once I give it to him!

Here's to a good week!

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LotusKnits said...

Eeek! Sorry your class is so time consuming. That sucks! I'm working on going back to school in the fall, so at least you'll have someone to bitch to, hehehe.