Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New England failed me

No no, not the Patriots. I had no vested interest in the Super Bowl, but oddly enough actually enjoyed watching it this year. Maybe that had to do with the fun group at the Super Bowl Party, though :)

The New England that failed me is the beaches of Maine. I didn't have much time for blogging or knitting last weekend because I was working on my project for my Interior Design class. We had to choose one of four beaches as the room inspiration. I chose Maine a) because I lived in New England and b) because I didn't like the other choices. Plus, I actually do enjoy the feeling of New England beaches. . . .you are never warm, even in the midst of summer, and there is something striking to me about the contrast of the coolness with the fact that it is still serene and romantic. Jake helped me construct a bead board box. . .. I stained my own Cape Cod shingles. I couldn't find the perfect fabric, but I made do. As I completed it, I thought the critique might be that it was too literal, but instead, the critique was that the proportion was off (which I can see, the box I built ended up a little too big) and that it was too outdoors-y. That is now where I'm struggling to determine how to redo, as I WANT it to be outdoors-y to covey the cool. I do need to figure out how to incorporate the comfort/coziness. . . . do I have time to knit a cozy sweater?? :)

So now I need to scavenge around some thrift stores and see what catches my eye. This, of course, impacts my February is for Finishing goals. Bummer :( All I've managed to knit is another 2 inches on Jake's 1st sock. I'm nearly ready to turn the heel. Sheldon is also completely knit and 90% sewn. . . he just needs legs stuffed and attached and he'll be able to ship off. I did purchase the lining for my felted purse and chose a button. That counts as progress, right? I also decided that my first attempt at design is going to be frogged. I like the design, but the more I look at it, I just don't think the yarn is doing what I want. Instead, the Silky Tweed will become this. Not until at least March, of course.


Scavenger Hunt Spoiler said...

maybe they've never been to maine...? i love maine. it doesn't make me think "cozy". it makes me think "serene" - even with the spray hitting your face with waves crashing all around you.

Jen said...

A mini Aran Sweater! You could totally do it! Maine makes me think of fireplaces and wood burning stoves and picnics on rockey beaches with lots of blankets and a bottle of wine. I don't have any idea where any of that stuff comes from because I've never been there, but there it is. Hope it goes better next week!

DeuceMom said...

Maine makes me think of fishermen's sweaters! Think the Gordon's fish dude - you can do some nice unbleached wool cables!

Romelda said...

Hi! Who is your instructor at TCC? My daughter used to teach classes there and we were curious. Hope to see you Saturday. I have been away too long.