Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anticipation. . . .

OK, So I feel like the only person in the blogging world NOT on Ravelry yet. Not that I need another way to procrastinate, but. . . . . I'm so close, but these last few weeks seem to be going SOOOO SLOOOWW! Let me tell you, they are NOT adding 120 people a day. . . I did the math, I would have been on about a week ago if they were. Nevertheless, here is where I stand:

Found you!
You signed up on June 27, 2007
You are #11301 on the list.
770 people are ahead of you in line.
18089 people are behind you in line.
35% of the list has been invited so far

So back to real news. First, here is the sock yarn I bought in NC and the start of the sock I'm knitting with it. I bought it because I loved the bright green (what IS it with me and green these days?!). I don't love the orange so much. I really like how the yarn is knitting up. . . self strip-y sort of, with spurts of other colors.
It is the Undulating Rib pattern from "Favorite Socks". I got the book from the library but am now considering buying it. There are a lot of great patterns in it. I borrowed a few other sock books from Jessica and have narrowed down a pattern for the Delilah yarn. I'm torn between the Stansfield 304 & Broad Spiral Rib in "More Sensational Knitted Socks". She also has "Vintage Socks" which is gorgeous and is also going on my 'to buy' list. So many socks. .. so little time! Literally. . . can you believe Christmas is like 3 months away??!?! Sheesh, I need to get going! I have at least 4 pair of socks and various other assorted projects planned. Other than for Jake, my goal is to not have to buy gifts, just yarn!

This is the Calmer for twinkle toes:

Not to be unpopular, but I don't get what the buzz is about or why this yarn is so expensive! This ball was $12 and it's cotton/polyester. Really?! Maybe I'll change my tune after I knit with it, but I'm avoiding starting because I HATE provisional cast ons.

Just for show, here's the Ballband dishcloth I knit, in homage to my alma mater. I knit it in the car after browsing thru Mason-Dixon Knitting. Super Cute book! (I went a little library crazy with the knitting books!)

This is the two skeins of Malabrigo.

Paris Night:


They are both so pretty I want to keep them. With my current track record, I'm leaning toward keeping the green for me. I am debating if I'm going to send the other to my secret pal with the pattern, or if I'm going to knit it into the scarf for her. Decisions, decisions. . . .

And so FINALLY. . . . the finished wedding present!

I'm not totally thrilled with the end result. I measured the darn think at least 15 times. . I know it was 5.5 inches wide. But for some reason, it seemed small in the frame. The directions for securing the body to the pivoting grommet on the frame tell you to just do one stitch. . . but it's not really hidden, so that bugs me. I also don't like how it was seamed. If I was to do it again, I would have picked up stitches along the edge and done a 3 needle bind off to seam it. I think it would have been neater. Overall, I give it a 7 out of 10. Not my best performance, but certainly still pretty.

And to end the day nicely, a puppy picture :) This is Jake trying to restrain Jimmy Ray for a photo in North Carolina, while Zosia wonders why she doesn't get to be in the picture!


Jen said...

The bag is lovely. Jessica noted to me the last time we all met that we always point out what we perceive as flaws when no one else notices. She's right; it looks great! I've yet to see (or feel for that matter) Malabrigo in person; also looks lovely!

PixieRose said...

so glad you got to take pictures and post them. the bag really is lovely. Good luck with the christmas knitting. I have so much baby knitting I need to get done, I haven't even gotten to think about christmas yet. Althought right now I can't seem to stop knitting on my Rogue.


Cheryl in VA said...

The bag came out absolutlely beautiful Carly!!! Well done!!!
As for Ravelry, not to worry, my girlfriend just read about it on my blog and signed up on the 9th of Aug and has 15 thousand ahead of her.
All of your stuff looks great and I will bring some of my German Sock yarn to the next couple of meet ups. You may find some more that you like.

yeah for you in working on your Christmas knitting. I am still working on my shawl for my other friend and can't start anything until I finish that.

Romelda said...

The bag is so lovely, I would take it in a minute and treasure it!! I finally decided to totally rip and shelve the Lupine Lace until I knit better. I love the pattern too much to keep messing up, Cheryl is determined to get me knitting continental! So I bought yarn for a plain sock to practice knitting her way. Funny, I got the yarn a week ago and I think it is the same yarn you have pictured. It's such a fall colorway! Have a great trip, I just now she will love the bag.

Kroger scares me, I feel like the Stepford Wives when I shop in Richmond. We will talk about it!

meg(aphone) said...

I really love the wedding purse and I'm sure your friend will love it as well. Can't wait to see you on Ravelry!

moosie said...

That bag is very pretty, good job! not worry about Raverly looks like I signed up just before you and I got my invite about 2 weeks or so ago, you should get yours any day now, I've spent lots of time trying to get my projects and stash on there but it seems like it going to be a great place! thanks for the comments on my blog, I grew up in Va Beach and lived in RIchmond for college then moved to California 2 years ago, all of my family is in va beach so I fly back every 3 to 4 months, I do not miss the weather though, ugh! - Marcie

DancesWithDogs said...

ya, ya, ya, but what is that above your mantle? Cute doggies, gorgeous bag, but...I'm dying to know about the flat screen above the television. The b/w image is very nice.