Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kroger Scares Me!

Totally not knitting related, but worthy of comment. . . .

In the mail today I got an envelope of coupons from Kroger. That is where I do most of my shopping and, of course, I have a frequent shopper card. The little note that came said 'We've tried to pick coupons that you'll like'. And ALL of the coupons are for things I buy regularly. (Of course, I can't tell you what those are. . .you'll think I'm odd!) I know they track all that stuff and that's the whole point of the cards, but it's kind of freaky to get a list of coupons from the store that are like your shopping list! Good to save the money, I guess, but scary people really know that much about you. What if some link between pickles, chocolate chip cookies and some sinister behavior are found. . .. . am I going to be on the short list of people being examined? Call me paranoid, but strange things happen.

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