Thursday, August 16, 2007

How can beads be so terrifying?!

This little tube is currently the bane of my existence.
This little tube contains the beads I have chosen for Laura's wedding bag.

Here is the bag, innocently saying to me "bead me, bead me, you have to finish me this week". However, all I hear are the noises from the shower curtain scene in Psycho (that would be me murdering this nicely knit rectangle).

I am petrified that I will do something to ruin the purse. . . and of course, that can't happen. It has to be perfect, it's a wedding gift after all. I've been told I must be careful with tension while beading so as not to pucker the bag. . .as if I wasn't worried enough! On top of that, I don't have blocking wires, so I couldn't get the edges of the back super straight. . . so hopefully that works itself out when I sew the bag. Of course, I could *not* bead it, but what fun would that be? Not nearly as fancy. . . so, I sit . . and contemplate. . . and do what I do best. .. PROCRASTINATE! I am half-way thru my 3rd shopping bag of the year (I'll spare you the WIP picture!). . . I chose mindless garter stitch over working on the project that has a VERY DEFINITE due date!! I must get to it this weekend. Also, this weekend, I have to finish (OK start) my scrapbook page. No, I don't scrapbook. . .but the bridesmaid's are making a scrapbook for Laura as a gift. Well it sounds simple, trying to condense 10 or so years of friendship to 4 pictures and a few sappy quotes is hard! And expensive. . . I spent $30 at Michael's yesterday to buy some colored paper and stickers. . . jeez!

In other not so good knitting news. . . I learned you can sort of felt bamboo. Remember the mini-Cardi I knit? Well, I washed it and it didn't work so well :-( I am SO not a handwasher. . . . the gentle cycle has never failed me before. I think I can still wear it, but it's not as nice and crisp as it was. What do you think?


SP11 officially started yesterday. VERY excited! I just found out about the Punk Rock Gift Exchange. . . I'm debating if I want to sign up and have two swaps at the same time. . . decisions decisions. . . .

In non-knitting. .. I FINALLY (after working at home for 1 year) have found a desk! Well, technically I found it two weeks ago, but it was just delivered today. It is an antique library table. . . tres chic :-) if I do say so myself! (well, if you ignore the unpainted window frames and the mess of modem/cables!)

And, a cute story if you've made it to the end. . . well cute & funny if you like doggies :-) We have moles in our yard. They are destroying our yard, so we'd like to get rid of them. . but since we do like the dogs, finding an eradication method is tricky. So, we've chosen a no-kill path (PETA would be proud!). We got these sonic spikes to put in the ground. Supposedly, by making this high pitch sound every 10 seconds, it will drive the moles away. We planted 4 in our yard yesterday. Today, every time Jimmy Ray is outside, he stands beside one. . . and just barks. . . every 10 seconds. It cracks me UP! He hears the noise, cocks his head, and barks. . . just one bark. . . Too early to tell if it will drive the moles away, but it's proven it can annoy the dogs!

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Rosie said...

Hello fellow procrastinator. I am also knitting the Best Friend Bags (one for a friend and one for my sister-in-law). I want to use beads but it's a bit intimidating. PLEASE post your beading steps for this pattern so we can learn along with you. Thanks and good luck!