Friday, August 31, 2007

The verdict is in!

She likes it . . . or at least she says she does! Very anti-climactic, of course, because being a non-knitter she doesn't gush, just says it's nice and she loves it. Better than her not liking it, though! She didn't call yesterday because she was at the doctor. . . .she currently has a boot on her foot for a possibe stress fracture. . . . that's fun the week before your wedding, huh?!


PixieRose said...

ok well I must say I was secretly hoping she'd hate it so that I could try my hardest to win it. But I knew that wouldn't be the case. dont know her but it was a very lovely bag, no one in their right mind would hate it.

Romelda said...

Maybe she has a lot on her mind . . or foot! WHo could not Lo-o-ove it!! We all want one just like it!!

Cheryl in VA said...

She may be much more appreciative 'after the wedding. When she starts bragging about the bag that her dear friend took the time to knit for her, you will know just how much she likes it.

But I must agree with Jessica...I was kind of starting to think how I could win it for me.